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Hello, every handmade jewelry lover. My name is Kilar, I have been a jewelry designer and maker for 15 years. Thank you for reading my story and trust me!

Beginning from a jewelry rookie
In 2002, I joined my father's local jewelry studio, we ran this studio together. My father's skills are very professional and his studio was very popular in our local area. So, I learnt jewelry designing and jewelry making skills from my father for years.

My jewelry maker and designer career started!
In 2006, my father told me I can help him to process his order. That is really exciting for me, and all of our jewelry is handmade jewelry and made to order, so the processing time would be longer. I still remember my first order is a 3ct morganite engagement ring set! And just using half a year, my skill got my father and customers' recognition, lots of customers started placing order to me, and our business going well year by year.

Local studio suffers market competition problem and hope shinning
Everything changed these years. Lots of customer started buying their jewelry on website jewelry store. And our studio’s orders decreased year by year. My father retired last years, and we searching for changing to solve our operating problem. One day, one of my old friend who is also my customer came to my studio ordering his ten years anniversary ring for he and his wife. We had a communication about my studio operating situation, and he suggested me to show our jewelry on Etsy. Before I open my shop on Etsy, I did lots of search about Etsy. Thank God! This is the perfect platform for us to show our handmade jewelry, and I also hope Etsy could help our studio's business getting better!

No doubt for my ability of handmade jewelry.
I am very confident about my handmade engagement ring and diamond wedding ring! Custom orders are also welcome, I can customize any style according to your design sketch or photos. Good quality and perfect jewelry need times, please allow me use 2-3 weeks to process your ring!

My favorite part is using gemstones for rings! Like morganite ring, moissanite ring, emerald ring, opal ring, moonstone ring, sapphire ring, aquamarine ring and topaz rings!

Trust us! Kilar Jewelry is here for you!

Thanks for reading my story! Let’s find out your love in my store!